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Posted on Apr 18, 2014 by Gleb Surinov Gleb Surinov

Meet eSyndiCat 3.2

We are happy to announce the release of eSyndiCat 3.2 version, that has a lot of significant improvements. You can see the changelog here:

eSyndiCat Roadmap

The most important features are:

  • an easy way to manipulate sponsored options for plan, that allow to extend sponsored plan with some paid options like listing highlighting or badge, etc.
  • improved field groups management
  • improved loading time (hooks are diversified now for admin/front area)
  • Russian / non Latin chars for URLs

Anyhow there are much more more new features added in our 3.2 version. We've also accumulated few minor bug reports in the patch, so we recommend to use the latest 3.2.1 version that already includes fixes for the known issues. Join the discussion of eSyndiCat 3 in our user forums. We also released a couple of new plugins & templates so we recommend to check the updated demos section.

Subrion 3.1.x is available

It's been several months since we contacted you last time with the Subrion project news. We've managed to release several versions during this period with a plenty of new features, that move our open source system ahead the competitors. Check the milestone for the latest 3.1.6 version. Our team made a several brand-new templates & plugins and we offer to check them in our demos section.

Another important news is the license changes for Subrion core version. It's now licensed under GPLv3 and that gives you the freedom to share it. Read a full text of the license here.

End of life for 2.x

Both eSyndiCat and Subrion 3 major version branches were released many months ago and we've made even more improvements since 3.0 versions releases. The latest 3.x versions are stable and go ahead in terms of functionality, usability, and reliability over 2.x version. We highly encourage all our customers to switch to the latest version of our scripts. We officially inform that we will stop supporting the whole 2.x series on 1st May 2014. It takes a lot of time to solve the issues that have been fixed in our 3.x version. See the official announcement.


We've been working on the website, that would represent Subrion opensource CMS for many weeks and we really hope you'll like it. You can get the latest news about Subrion core development, plugins, & templates here.

Help us spread the word about our free and open source CMS. Vote on Bitnami!

Easter discounts

We are happy to provide you with Easter discounts. 20% OFF on each purchase above $80. Please note it could be only applied to the products from our team, and it's not active for the custom services quote. Use 20EGGS discount coupon code. The deal will expire on Monday, 21st April 2014.


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