Subrion templates: the future

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 by Gleb Surinov Gleb Surinov

Subrion templates: the future

As you may already know, we are preparing a new version of Subrion CMS core with a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Besides core changes, there will be many enhancements to Premium Packages.

Main part of this release are template changes. We've finally moved default core template to Bootstrap 3 and rethink the whole direction of create new templates. Despite all good stuff, there are bad news (for someone): we will not support or upgrade old templates. Maybe as a custom modification only. So if you have stable website running current Subrion version - stick to it.

The template.

Core default template will be minimalistic and contain only necessary blocks and styles. It is a good starting point to build your own templates.

We will create new beautiful templates that will be thematic and satisfy everyones needs.

Responsive and adaptive

As you've noticed, our current templates not always responsive and mobile friendly. Time to change that! After moving to Bootstrap 3, our templates will be mobile-ready in first place. 

With the help of a great platform - Browserstack, we can now test our templates on nearly any device and any platform. This resource will be useful for designers and front-end developers who want to build their mobile-friendly Subrion website.


There will be many new features in templates. You can help us implement new ones! Please post feature requests on our forums.  Also don't forget to check this and this topics.

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