Subrion Open Source CMS is better than ever!

Posted on Oct 7, 2013 by Vasily Bezruchkin Vasily Bezruchkin

Over the past six months, we have been crafting a brand-new administrator dashboard that is easier to use and makes working with Subrion CMS a more productive and enjoyable experience.

The objectives were quite simple:

  • Make the administrator dashboard that is easy to use yet very powerful
  • CMS that's stable, fast, and optimized for speed
  • Framework that's extended hassle-free and easy to understand

And here’s what we have come up with - meet Subrion CMS 3!

Subrion 3 for administrators

Like nearly any other cool php script, Subrion software is all about content management. It's the key feature for any content management system to handle content in a simple way. You'll never start using a complicated thing until it offers something unique that others don't do. Here we come with the easiest administrator dashboard ever.

Meet the brand new administrator dashboard that's available in Subrion 3.0 version. By default, the core version comes with five color schemes. You can choose the one that fits your eyes better. No matter if you need a bright or calm colors - you will find the combination that you will be satisfied with.

You'll never get a question in your mind on how to configure or manage the content in Subrion CMS. It offers an intuitively clear and easy to understand dashboard. Management is organized via several sections that are logically divided into groups.

You can open Subrion CMS 3.0 dashboard in a tablet browser and you can manage the content easily. We use responsive approach in administrator dashboard that allows to open it on virtually any device with acceptable resolution.

Technically the new administrator dashboard uses a great combination of the latest de-facto standards for the web industry - Twitter Bootstrap 3 & ExtJS 4.2. Javascript files are cached on your server so your dashboard is loaded only once and then it's heart is loaded from your cache.

Remote plugins installation

Plugin installation has never been easier. You don't need to download your plugins, use FTP to upload them to your Subrion CMS installation. Instead you only need to perform three simple steps in your Admin Dashboard. Here they are:

Get started in 3 easy steps!

  1. Click Available Plugins tab on Plugins page
  2. Select Remote mode filter for your available plugins
  3. Click Install for any plugin you wish to install

That's it. Easy, isn't it!

Please make sure you install compatible plugin for your website otherwise you might get errors or unpredicted behaviour on your website pages. We have updated the major part of plugins and most of them are compatible with the latest 3.0 version. Anyhow, if you need a plugin that has not been updated yet, please post your request in our user forums so we could update it for you.

Advanced fields management

Subrion CMS provides an easy way to create different fields for your item listings. No matter if it's member, auto listing, real estate listing, company, coupon, or anything else. You can easily go out of the default configuration box and extend your listings with the additional fields. No need to make any PHP/HTML changes as Subrion CMS has an extensive system that allows to manage item listings directly in the administrator dashboard.

You can create as many fields as you need. They could be of different types including: text field, textarea, WYSIWYG, checkboxes, radios, pictures, attachments, and many more. You can choose pages where to display specific fields, and make them searchable and all that stuff could be done using mouse clicks in the administrator dasboard without extra additional coding.

Member fields could be configured for different membergroups, sponsored plans, so you can achieve the best configuration that fits your website idea. Administrators can group fields into sections, that could be displayed as tabs on submission or view pages.

Subrion 3 for members & visitors

Your visitors are the key to your websites success and everyone on our team understands this. That's the reason why we spent weeks working out the best user interface experience to make your websites as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Professional templates

Subrion 3 uses iaBootstrap template framework that's based on Twitter Bootstrap 2. It is used on thousands of websites used by millions of people all over the world. It simplifies new templates development for Subrion CMS, providing a responsive approach virtually for any template. We refactored the default content output that's given out by Subrion core, packages, & plugins.

Blog functionality bundled in the box

Subrion CMS can now be used as an alternative solution to Wordpress or any other blog script, as it comes with the bundled blog functionality. It's only a matter of few minutes to power-up a new publishing website using Subrion CMS.

If you wish to go above the default blog functionality you can extend your website with the publishing script that has a lot of extra functionality including AdSense sharing and monetizing sponsored options for the articles submission.

Major re-factoring

Subrion 3 is not only a long list of new features & improvements. It's also a release with core re-factoring, as we aimed to make a scalable, reliable, and stable software. We made improvements for nearly 90% of the core code. Major classes were improved, PHP 5 support improved, MySQLi support added. We won't cover all the improvements in the announcements, you can read about all of them in our user forums:


License & Upgrade

Subrion 3 core is a free open source software. You don't need to pay a penny to start using it. The only requirement is to keep the copyright link on bottom of our pages. That's the kind of thank you we would appreciate from you. Though you can get the right to remove the link, please check our Order page.

Extend Subrion with Packages

You can also extend the default core functionality with the paid packages from our team. Now we offer 6 paid premium packages. Here they are:


Article Publishing


Ultimate platform to build publishing websites

Auto Classified


Highly customizable software to build auto classified websites

Coupons Script


Coupons & deals script to start earning using affiliate links

Real Estate Classifieds


Build a successful online real estate agency easily

Directory Software


Get the most full featured web directory script

Yellow Pages Script


Yellow pages script that could be used a local city guide

Lovely discounts

The more you spend the more you save! Now you have the unique chance to get any of our products for up to 30% cheaper. Hurry up! This offer is valid for one week only!



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