Migrating cPanel / WHM accounts using SSH

May 22, 2014 by Vasily Bezruchkin

cPanel / WHM comes with a powerful backup and restore feature. Let’s learn how to use this feature via command-line / SSH. Backing up singular accounts with cPanel via SSH Backing up a singular account is easy. Simply issue the following command to backup a cPanel account named ‘intellia’: /scripts/pkgacct intellia This particular script, ‘pkgacct‘ generates a ‘cpmove‘ .tar.gz file. This file will be stored in the home directory of...

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Great Spring, Great News

Apr 18, 2014 by Gleb Surinov

Meet eSyndiCat 3.2 We are happy to announce the release of eSyndiCat 3.2 version, that has a lot of significant improvements.  You can see the changelog here: eSyndiCat Roadmap The most important features are: an easy way to manipulate sponsored options for plan, that allow to extend sponsored plan with some paid options like listing highlighting or badge, etc. improved field groups management improved loading time (hooks are diversified now for...

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End of Life for Versions 2.x

Apr 17, 2014 by Vasily Bezruchkin

Both eSyndiCat and Subrion 2.x are officially deprecated and will no longer be supported starting on 1st May 2014  - neither bug fixes nor security updates. In addition, we will discontinue the services solely used for 2.x series. You can find all the instructions how to upgrade the software in our user forums. The upgrade process might look a bit complicated, anyhow our team is here to help with the upgrades if you get stuck with anything. You may...

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Subrion New Home

Mar 12, 2014 by Vasily Bezruchkin

For those of you who don’t want to read and are ready to dive into action, go ahead and check it out:     Why do we need a new website? Our main goal was to separate our Open Source core and Premium packages so that our users would not be confused (this happened a lot). Also we wanted to lift our CMS to a new level and keep our goals high.   Why do YOU need this new website? We have tried to gather...

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Happy Holidays from the Intelliants Team!

Dec 20, 2013 by Gleb Surinov

The past year has seen us grow beyond my expectations and while the beginning of the year had us making improvements for our eSyndiCat directory software, the end of the year was totally dedicated to the Subrion project which has evolved into an enterprise level content management framework. I want to thank the staff here at Intelliants LLC because the achievements that we have been able to make and the milestones that have been met over this past year honestly would not have...

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Working with the CSF command line

Dec 3, 2013 by Vasily Bezruchkin

As a system administrator you might often use CSF to block / unblock your server visitors. There are a lot of tutorials how to do that via GUI. Anyhow in this article I will share an easy way to administrate your firewall using command line. Here are the most useful command flags I use all the time: Restart CSF: csf -r Deny an ip address: csf -d Quick allow / whitelist an ip address: csf -a Unblock an ip address and remove...

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